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Piglets Hindu. Comfort From Above Korea Herald — Cold comfort that is, when you consult dubious starcasters on the market ahead…. Moonworks Columbus Dispatch — Ancient Ohio earthworks were built to keep track of the Moon and its nodes…. Monsoon By The Moon Book Of Thoth — Indian weather forecasters have been getting official help from astrologers lately, with great success.

Bad Models, Or Good? Bears Will Win Superbowl! More Lunacy The Independent — Cops, nurses, other social workers know it, scientists deny it, and that crazy Superbowl happened beneath it…. Pigs In Trouble?

It could be worse…a manglik pig? Cricket In The Sky Cricketwukup. Dog Stars PR. Looking For Love BBC — First, you consult your astrologer, only then do you consider all the rest…and now, you can do it all online…. Marry A Tree New American Media — A manglik kind of thing, if you believe in this stuff, says feminist journalist…you have to do the tree first, divorce it later, to be sure, say astrologers….

Pluto In Toyland Reuters — The demotion may have hit rugrats harder than you think…. Gaslighting ElsaElsa — From the film of the same name, a great take on Saturn-Neptune, which we all are suffering from these days, from the indomitable and insightful Elsa….


Maybe summer festival-goers went there after to party, or for a matching winter feast…. Stars Over Panama Sacbee. Lunar Evidence The Independent — Detractors have denied the obvious for years — that the Moon affects human behavior. Now the evidence is in, and further serious research is underway…. Natural Mystic The Age — That would be tennis champion Roger Federer, whose astrological fifth harmonic shows his natural talent, along with additional spiritual qualities viewed by other types of analysis…. A whole lot more than you might think, and more everyday Music Of The Spheres Asheville Citizen-Times — Literally, this musician creates his performance according to planetary positions at the very instant….

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Twenty-three percent, up six since last year, most of them women…Intelligent Design is also gaining credence…. When we meet someone who hits that sensitive midpoint, whatever the season, we go nuts…. Is Manglik Really A Misery? MoneyControl — Now that the Bollywood secret is out, comes the question: is an afflicted Mars really deadly to relationships?

More Dire Predictions ClickPress — Earthquakes, terrorists, Giuliani…psychics tend to focus on the past to project the future…. Stairway To Heaven ExpressIndia -- From qualified astrologers on board at call centers, to astro-calling cards, mainstreaming astrology is climbing the corporate ladder… like cellcast TV…. Celestial Medicine Yemen Times — Sometimes the faded Arabic scrawls in an old book are the only key available for a rural diagnosis…. Ouija Or The Stars? Rivers Of Power The Star -- Whenever the planets align in the same position astrologically, pilgrims and devotees converge to commemorate this divine event….

Inauspicious Days ExpressIndia — Candidates file in a hurry before the bad aspects crowd in. Should you have been doing the same? Does Israel Need An Astrologer? Comet Harbinger? Planetary Dance N. Times — While the other planets pirouette above, this one we're on is morphing like crazy…great interactive graphic…. Plutoed American Dialect Society — Voted word of the year, it means knocked off the block, appropriately akin to its mythical and planetery namesake ….

Billionaire Horoscopes Forbes — Forbes is back again this year with more charts of the very wealthy, by celebrity astrologer Michael Lutin, whom we just interviewed here…. It's beautiful there Stars Will Save King DNA India — The king of Nepal will be saved by the celestial bell this year, say starcasters, despite the coming elections and continuing strife in this war-torn nation….

Last Minute Predix Auburn Journal — Everybody wants one, and this one covers everything from beef to bowling alleys, but penned by yet another journalist without an astrological clue…. Astrology Alive And Well Playfuls. Got It Wrong N.

Sun — New York market astrologer missed the boat on predix, so maybe his sour outlook for next year means good news…or…. Keeping It Up emediawire — Insurance companies are having a new-found field day with customers' Sun-sign statistics. This one is about erectile dysfunction ED …Capricorn creeps away with cold comfort, Sagittarius rises above the rest…. A leading astrologer is fighting to clear her name….

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It Was Jupiter The Missoulian — The Star of Bethlehem, that is, according to this particular set of non-astrologers…or maybe something else…. Christmas Or Humbug? Ithaca Journal — Was it the planets or a scriptural quote that pinned the location to Bethlehem?

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Not such a happy place then or now…. Solar ejections, magnetic storms raining down from heaven, disrupting who knows what, like we needed this on top of it all…. Lutin U. Lure Of The Stone Financial Express — The power of fortune in the guise of astrological gemstones has the guys in thrall, too, says survey….

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Above Bethlehem Jamaica Gleaner — Was it a star, a planetary conjunction, something else? And exactly when? Here's one of many looks that pop up during this season…. Surge To Merge India News — With this prime Jupiter lineup crowding the skies, couples are jamming the streets to get hitched under favorable aspects… 36, in Delhi alone SAD Leo? Blogcritics — Are Leos more inclined to suffer from SAD seasonally affected disorder and could use a little light? Elsa thinks so, and with Saturn hanging there, it feels right to us….

Leonids To Sparkle Bangor Daily News — The Leonid meteor shower on the 17th will dazzle near the dark of the moon, plus other planet views for the month…. Mercury Transit Live Exploratorium — The transit of Mercury will be broadcast in real time from Kitt Peak November 8…one of only 14 this century, all fall within several days of 8 May and 10 November during its retrograde inferior conjunction…. We're told Grant actually chose this chart Astrology Or Astronomy?

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Star Treatment The Times, UK — Leos with bad backs, among others, should immediately head for the Maldives…whose president just happens to be an astrologer…. Turncoat Astrologer Christian Post — Former starcaster is warning kids against his earlier tendencies…. Soccer Births Deseret News — Is it astrology, or is it seasonal, or is that the same thing?

For an in-depth look Junta Seizes Astrologer DVB News — Military dictators in Burma imprison famed starcaster for predicting end of brutal regime, itself notorious for relying upon astrology…. Planetary Politicos North Brunswick Sentinel — Mayor and three councilmen born days apart…a coincidence? God Or The Devil? Greater Kashmir, American Chronicle — Some believers find astrology anathema, others see in it the language of God….

Wedding Crunch Times Of India — Not many auspicious times to wed this season means 32, will be crowded into a few fortunate days…chaos is forecast…. I get 80 percent of my calls right…". Balmy Or Shivery?