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According to the tales told in Puranic literature, Agastya is considered to be a brilliant sage. Rishi Agastya is considered as the first and foremost Siddha knowledge and accomplishments , and therefore the guru of many Siddhars.

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Another name for Rsi Agastya is Kurumuni short muni. Rishi Agastya made pioneering contributions to the field of Ayurveda alternative medicine and Jyotish Vedic Astrology particularly Nadi Astrology. Rishi Agastya lived for over years, and one of his medicinal preparations, Boopathi Kuligai, was so powerful that it could even bring the dead back to life.

Two of his disciples were Therayar and Tholkappiar carried this knowledge forward for him. Rishi Agastya was named because of his Karma. His wife was a princess and was called Lopaamudraa and is mentioned Lalitha Sahasranama Thousand Names of the Goddess - a Sacred composition. Your enquiry has been submitted. We will get back to you shortly. Login Register. Each of rishis has a Grantha from which his knowledge is dispersed.

The nadi reader traditionally follows the writings on just one of the great rishis. The records were kept in many libraries in ancient India. For centuries few realized the importance of these records and the nadi manuscripts were left to rot. Other kings around India also helped in the preservation of these Nadi granthas as well.

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Many of these leafs were destroyed by the invading armies of the Mughals and the British. While the Mughals asked them to be burnt, British took numerous Nadi back to Britain but they sold most connected to astrology. Valluvar community from Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu chiefly bought there. This is why most of the Nadis today are connected to astrology.

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Each Nadi in Tamil Nadu is made up of ola or palm leaf, written in Vatta ezhuthu, a Tamil script, with a sharp, pen like instrument called ezhuthani. Rubbing peacock oil on auspicious occasions preserves the palm leaves. Peacock is also the vehicle for Murughun Mars. So the subtle hint is that the great Lord Murughun helps preserve and protect this ancient knowledge.

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There are other centre of Nadis. In Hoshiarpur, Punjab, a family og Bhrigu nadi readers are found. Some give obscure and often secret techniques of Vedic Astrology. They give the key to precise interpretation. The Nadi readers are not astrologers but decoders of ancient scriptures. All they are doing is deciphering the data.

His skills are limited to reading what is written. If the nadi leafs are incomplete or he has not found the right nadi or the time is not correct for you, then this information cannot be right. In fact the time has to be right for the individual to get the right nadi.

Accuracy of Nadi Predictions

This information is very precious and not everyone is ready to receive it. This is the reason so many get the wrong or incomplete information. The Rishis had only wanted those who were ready to receive information, to get it. In essence it is not the fault of the Nadi or the reader if you do not get the right information that chronicles the past, present and future. Nadi reader tries to find the right Nadi by taking the thumb impression. According to the Nadi Granthas there are types of thumb impressions and these will narrow down the batch of Nadis where the story of your life is told.

The impression of the right thumb for men and the left one for women is taken. The thumbprint has to match the particular batch of palm leafs for the reading to take place. Despite the claims of the nadi readers, it is impossible to find the right nadi for everyone. The Kandams These Jyotish Nadis Granthas divide the information on each individual life into sixteen chapters or kandams.

Each chapter shows various aspects of life similar to the horoscope and its twelve houses.

Accuracy of Nadi Predictions

But there are added kandams, which are the real key of the Nadi reading. The details covered in each Kandam generally are as follows Kandam 1 - similar to the first house or ascendant. Kandam 2 — similar to second house. Money ,family speech, eyes, education, vision. Kandam 3 - similar to third house. Brothers and Sisters. Kandam 4 - similar to fourth house. Mother ,House, Lands, Vehicles, Happiness. Kandam 5 - similar to fifth house. Children, birth of children, reasons for not having children, creativity.

Kandam 6 - similar to sixth house. Enemies, Diseases, Debts, cases in court. Kandam 7 - similar to seventh house. Marriage, Married life, problems nad blessing from marriage. Kandam 8 - similar to eighth house. Danger to life, longevity, period of death.

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Kandam 9 - similar to ninth house. Father, Wealth, luck, Temple, spirituality, devotion to God and Guru. Kandam 10 - similar to tenth house. Business, Job, Profession, success.

Kandam 11 - similar to eleventh house. Profit, money, gain, second Marriage. Kandam 12 - similar to Twelfth house.

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Expenditure, loss, Foreign travel, moksha, self realisation, next birth. After the twelve kandams that relate to the twelve astrology houses, there come special chapters that deal with additional aspects of life. Kandam 13 - Shanti Kandam — Shanti means peace. This chapters deals with pacifying the past life issues, past karma and last birth. The remedial measures that need to be done in order to calm the negative karma.