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Such people will always look for partners who enhance their status, they will marry only for money or have relationship only to increase their prestige, they may not be loyal to their partners. In transit combust venus will influence the demand and supply in luxury market, travel tourism industry, hotel industry, liquor industry, there will be a tendency to indulge in erratic behavior and breaking the taboos. Marriages, purchase of luxuries properties, vehicles should be avoided when venus is combust in transit, classics say that marriage during such times results in to separation or unhappiness over a period of time.

When Mars is combust in birth horoscope, there is a strong sense of power in such people, they are power hungry and will never leave any opportunity to show or exercise their power, They are very proud of their power and positions. There is no responsible use of power and position whatsoever, they will act without thinking and their ahamkara can become the reason for their own destruction. When Jupiter is combust in birth horoscope, a person has too much ego about his abilities and he usually overestimates himself, he is proud of his knowledge and does not listen to anyone else.

He thinks himself as the greatest and knowledgeable person. Such jataka has a tendency to show off and hype everything about him. Such a person may be virtuous but looses all his virtues due to ahankara. When Saturn is combust in birth horoscope , a person will not get paternal happiness and be punished by government. Sun being the karaka of father and position, such people struggle hard to attain a position in life, they will have to go through all the hardships in life, there can be loss of father, punishment from government dandadhikara depending on other combinations in horoscope.

They do not get happiness from their servants, labor class as they will constantly be under stress and trouble due to them. Sometimes it brings depression and situations of loss of honor. The closeness to sun also renders heightened estimation of qualities of planets that leads to ahamkara and loss later.

You will always notice erratic patterns of behavior in karakatwa of planets which are combust. Can women conceive during Shukra or guru Tara asta that is during moudyam period. What are the worst days to avoid for conception. Avoid Tithis like Amavasya, Rikta tithis, bad yogas etc. Having said that a favorable planetary position from lagna at time of copulation is to be seen.

Thanks for hilighting hidden things in combustion of the planet. I would like to know what about the Karktwa of Jupitor in combust condition? Jupiter with sun is also a combination for royal birth or respect in society.

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Such people are in high positions or can be trustee or important people in some institution. With respect to children it will not give negative effects unless 5th lord, 5th house, saptamansha and jupiter is afflicted by other malefics. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Effects of Asta Combust planets. Published by astrologerashish at January 1, Categories Uncategorized.

Tags asta planet combust jupiter effects combust mars effects combust mercury effects combust saturn effects combust venus effects effects of asta combust planets moudya planet. What is Asta combust planet? What are the effects of Asta combust planets? What are the effects of asta combust planets?

Permanent result which is due to combustion of planet at birth in the birth horoscope. Temporary results which is due to combustion of planet in transit. The karakatwa of 5 planets is as follows :- Mercury — Memory, Information processing, Intelligence, Communication, trade and commerce, stock markets, writing, Vanaspati.

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Mars — Energy, Electricity, Fire, power, minerals, copper, army, destruction, land, blood, Menses. Life is about creating yourself. Message on a refrigerator magnet. I love it though!! Originally Posted by Olivia. Originally Posted by Claire Would cazimi, a term I am not familiar with, apply to a mars neptune conjunct within that 17 minutes??

Oh yes. Like - NOW. Lion o ness. I have both Moon and Mercury combust in Leo in H Both are 1 orb from my Sun. Im not sure how to explain it Ive been trying to understand these myself There are a couple of other ways beside Cazimi a planet can be "conjunct" the Sun yet free from combustion: 1 when the planet and the Sun are "conjunct by latitude" as the oldtimers called it Al-Biruni, etc : that is, when the Sun and the planet are within about 1 degree to 1.

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Conjunct by nature equipollent conjunction has been forgotten by almost all practitioners, except perhaps a few of the neo-Hellenistic school. So I often have perspectives which partisans of either side will dispute Attached Images astro-my chart. Last edited by Oren; at PM. In the reference chart I would not consider Venus combust-even our traditionalist friends wouldn't they usually follow an 8.

I could be mistaken, but I thought I read somewhere that mars combust is not much affected because its choleric quality isnt much bothered by the fire of the sun I have mars combust in cappy 5th And to the OP, you shouldnt equate tradition with just the "bad" in your chart. You dont think modern will show you any bad? Is it wise to live under rose colored glasses and have people only tell you what you want to hear? Oh no your so wonderful and gracful and have nothing in your way! Plus, you should learn what your talking about before making assumptive statements.

If you are asking about combustion, you are obviously studying all over the place and mixing modern and traditional concepts.

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It isnt something to be judged right out of the gates. Otherwise, your not serious and just playing around Several of the old-time authors made qualifying statements regarding how combustion affected the various planets; some did make that statement you mentioned about Mars, others like Ibn Ezra made similar statements regarding Mercury which never more than 28 degrees from the Sun at any time Others Firmicus Maternus for example gave varying degree orbs of combustion, depending upon the planet involved. It was during the post 13th century time that European authors made a generic combustion orb for all planets.


I follow an element-based consideration regarding combustion: -Water and Earth are very much affected by Fire Sun BUT are also highly resistant to the Fire Element: therefore Moon and Venus are especially affected by combustion but are also very resistant to it Following an elemental allocation to the outer planets, I consider the orb of combustion for Uranus Air to be similar to that of Jupiter, of Neptune Water to that of Venus, of Pluto Fire to that of Mars Last edited by dr.

Question: How does one find out if a planet is 17min from the Sun making it Cazimi? Also, since the Sun and Mars have compatible energies would the Cazimi energy affect the conjunction much? My Sun and Mars are extremely close but not sure by how many min. Thanks, Serafin5. Why not fire? Following an elemental allocation to the outer planets, I consider the orb of combustion for Uranus Air to be similar to that of Jupiter, of Neptune Water to that of Venus, of Pluto Fire And why signifying Pluto as a fire sign and not a water sign?

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