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Leo is a highly passionate sign, and one that likes to stick to their decisions.

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But they're also a fixed sign , which can make them seem very stubborn when it comes to making changes in life — even if those changes are positive ones. However, their stubborn tendencies can keep them feeling stuck from time to time.

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It is possible, however, for Leo to make adopt a more balanced outlook, if their stubbornness is holding them back. In doing so, Leo will open themselves up to so many more opportunities, and "the freer they feel to express themselves and have fun, the less stubborn they will be. As a fixed sign, when a Scorpio makes up their mind, they tend to stick to it. They are determined. To do so, it's often helpful for them to do some soul searching, possibly with a friend, partner, or therapist.

Usually, they find their stubbornness stems from a desire for control and a fear of change , Lang says. But once they understand that motivation, they can easily let go of it and flow with life. As Lang says, "Often those reasons are buried in the subconscious mind. Letting go of the past is important for Scorpio.

Anyone can have a bit of a stubborn streak at times. But by being aware of it, it can become possible to let go, be more open-minded, and move in a positive direction. This article was originally published on May 22, Taurus April 20 - May These signs tend to be organized, practical, realistic, ambitious, hardworking, methodical, disciplined, analytical, stable and steady.

The Dark Side of Pisces, the Plaster Saint

Negatively they tend to be stubborn, lazy, reserved, critical, fussy, pessimistic and snobbish. The more planets one have in the earth signs the more of these qualities will be pronounced. The Element of Air is associated with the Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and it also symbolizes the natural third, seventh and eleventh houses in astrology. The airy signs represent mental and social experiences. These signs tend to be communicative, quick-witted, adaptable, versatile, flexible, relationship oriented, cooperative, sociable, balanced, tolerant and original.

Negatively they tend to be babbling, nervous, superficial, indecisive, aloof and eccentric.

The more planets one have in the air signs the more of these qualities will be pronounced. The Element of Water is associated with the Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and it also symbolizes the natural fourth, eighth and twelfth houses in astrology. The watery signs represent feelings, imaginative and creative experiences.

Pisces Facts - Pisces Traits and Qualities

These signs tend to be sensitive, sympathetic, domestic, compassionate, benevolent, intuitive, artistic and receptive. Negatively they tend to be moody, clinging, secretive, escapist, impractical, unrealistic and brooding. The more planets one have in the water signs the more of these qualities will be pronounced.

Quadruplicities - Cardinal or Movable, Fixed and Common or Mutable Signs There are three basic 'mode of operation' for a Sign and each mode has its own distinctive way to approach a given situation. This classification of signs along with the Triplicities Fiery, Earthy, Airy and Watery Signs mentioned earlier are most important to understand astrological principles and functioning of signs.

Pisces You are Both Very Stubborn August 2019

Cardinal or Movable Signs are enterprising and outgoing they initiates change and make things happen. They are interested in promoting change and bringing new things into the world. They like to take charge of situations and do not like subordinate roles. They like changes and reform. Negative traits for this mode are they can be restless and overactive.

Fixed or Static Signs are focused and determined and have stamina for persistence action. Once their mind is focused on a thing they will tenaciously pursue it in practical manner with will power till it is completed. They are very firm in their attitude and once an opinion has been formed they are not likely to change it. Negative traits for this mode are they can be resistant to change, requires long time to come to a decision and are very stubborn.

Mutable or Common Signs are adaptable, changeable, flexible and versatile.

These Are The 3 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs

Their nature can be described as a balance between fixed and movable signs. They adept themselves as per their surroundings and current needs.

Negative traits for this mode are they can be fluctuating, inconstant, indecisive and vacillating. Equinoctial Signs Equinoctial means equal day and night. This phenomenon occurs twice every year around 21st March and 23rd September, when the Sun is directly over the equator. Aries Mesha and Libra Tula are the two equinoctial signs. Aries Mesha is the vernal equinoctial sign and Libra Tula is the autumnal equinoctial sign. They are sometimes called the summer solstice sign and winter solstice sign respectively.

The Pisces Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

The day time is longest when Sun is at the initial point of Cancer when the Sun is directly overhead at Tropic of Cancer at and the night time is longest when the Sun is at the beginning of Capricorn when the Sun is directly overhead at Tropic of Capricorn for northern hemisphere.

The opposite is true for the southern hemisphere. Any of these signs on 5th house cusp without any affliction to it or to its lord and Jupiter in natal horoscope is indicative of several children being born, numbers of which will depend on how strong the concerned houses and planets are. These are opposite of fruitful signs. Barren signs related to the afflicted 5th house and its lord is indication of being childless.

Voice Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, all airy signs are also called voice signs. As for voice or sound, there has to be an airy medium, this is the reason of all airy signs being voice signs. Voice signs coinciding with the second house and placement of Venus in it suggest voice suitable for singing and a similar occurrence in tenth house suggest career related to voice like singer, ventriloquist, commentator, mimicry artists, etc.

This can be due to the fact that water is not a good medium for sound and hence mute. Watery sign on afflicted ascendant or second house, Mercury afflicted by Saturn placed in any of these signs or Mercury in ascendant or second house in these signs in affliction can cause speech problems, stammering or other speech impediments.

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